From the lovers of arts
by the lovers of arts

The Gallery has always represented the Canadian-born artist Gordon Breckenridge, who has lived and worked in Tuscany for more than fifty years, first welcomed as an art student and then as an Italian citizen and international artist. The Gallery features his unique oil on canvas pieces that capture moments of Tuscany and beyond. For many years now, the Gallery has offered a series of “Fine Art” reproductions produced directly in the Gallery’s studio under the supervision of the artist, including limited edition prints on paper and wall art on canvas. Since 2020, the artist also works on commission.

Seeing with the eyes,
understanding with the heart.

We invite you to come and visit our Art Gallery, to immerse yourself in art that speaks to the heart and soul. Here, you can appreciate Breckenridge dedication in capturing the essence of Tuscany and take home a piece of this timeless beauty.